The Teacher’s Training program is designed for self-employed music trainers or highly skilled musicians who wish to become a professional music teacher. The Teacher’s Training program will equip you with the following skills which you need to become a successful teacher.

The basic Teacher’s Training Course will allow potential teachers to assess their teaching skills, learn to align with the vision of Ajivasan – its teaching and pedagogy, and learn how to conduct classes.

Course Format:

25 sessions of an hour each – Practical Music Lessons

25 sessions of an hour each – Theory Music Lessons

Sessions are scheduled twice a week or as per availability of the trainer.


This course will cover the following:

  • Assessment of Teaching Skills, Aptitude and Talent
  • Motivation and Vision for Teaching
  • Teaching for Different Learning Styles and Skill Levels
  • Teaching for Creativity
  • Teaching Methodology for teaching Hindustani Classical Music (prescribed syllabus)
  • Teaching at Branches/ Schools / Corporates / Private Home Tuition / Online Teaching
  • Preparing for and Conducting on ground & online classes
  • Impart learning and sharing latest ideas amongst faculty and students
  • Guiding students as per their skill levels
  • Conduct assessments & give timely feedback through PTM
  • Bonding with your students through various activities
Pre – requisites:

This course will cover the following:

  • Assessment of Teaching Skills, Aptitude and Talent
  • Visharad / BA Music / MA Music or any related qualification in Music
  • Teaching Methodology for teaching Hindustani Classical Music (prescribed syllabus)
  • Minimum 2 years of teaching experience
  • Good in Classical Vocals, Light Vocals & Semi Classical genres
  • Ability to play Harmonium while singing
  • Ability to sing with Tanpura
  • Enthusiasm for Teaching, Openness and Curiosity to Learn
  • Willingness to tie-up exclusively with Ajivasan for all music teaching activities.
Teacher Certification:

Certificates will be issued only after:

  • The candidate completes the training course with appropriate attendance
  • The candidate passes the In- class teaching assessment
  • The candidate passes the Individual assessment
Teacher’s Placement:

Become a teacher with the academy or any of our partner institutes:

On successful completion of the Teacher Training program, Ajivasan shall give you the option of joining the Academy or one of our partner as a main teacher/supporting teacher, depending on your final assessment.

The academy has a stimulating work environment that encourages creativity and leadership. Many Classical Music Teachers in Mumbai and other cities have been a part of Ajivasan music academy. Also the Classical Singing Classes in Mumbai and other cities conducted by Ajivasan delivers quality music education. It offers you the opportunity to contribute to the musical journey of students from across the globe.

Interested candidates may please send in your detailed resume along with an audio clip of your classical performance to and if you qualify, we will get back to you once we have reviewed your eligibility for the said training.