Frequently Asked Questions

New Students

AJIVASAN stands for Acharya Jialal Vasant Sangeet Niketan. The founder of sangeet Niketan was legendary musician of his age Acharya Jialal Vasant Ji who initiated this journey in 1917 in Kashmir, India. Learned under his tutelage Smt.Prem Didi, Padma Shree Suresh Wadkar Ji and Smt. Padma Wadkar Ji have been continuing this legacy of teaching music since the last 40+ years.

Yes, But Students for Suresh Ji and Padma Ji’s batches are chosen after an audition process and most of them are students who have already completed a certain level of music education. All the initial grade students are taught by teachers who are trained by Suresh Ji and Padma Ji.

Ajivasan music trainers are experienced and trained professionals from across the country, who have taken further music training under the supervision of Padma Wadkar Ji and Suresh Ji. Only after the official approval from both of them, these trainers are allotted to take the classes of different levels from Ajivasan Management.

Yes. We teach both Indian & western genre instruments.

  • Tabla
  • Sitar
  • Violin
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard/Piano
  • Djembe and other hand drumming instruments

There is no right age to start learning music. Everyone is born with a beat within, the heartbeat. We believe that music is a way of life and it stays with us forever.

At Ajivasan, we start training students from the age of 3.5 years and we go up teaching music to our senior citizens too. Over a period of time we analyse the performance, liking and inclination of kids and motivate them to pursue their favorite art form. For teenagers and young students, we make them practice hard and learn the core of their art form. Many grown up students learn with us to continue pursuing their passion and also because music helps them to get away from day-to-day stress.

We follow both Prayag Sangeet Samiti and Gandharva Mahavidyalaya boards for the Hindustani classical Vocal courses. Students can enroll for any of the boards as per their wish.

For the Western classical or Rock & Pop Vocal, we follow the syllabus and examinations of Trinity College of London.

However, examinations are a personal choice at Ajivasan and students can continue learning without giving any exams.

We have

  • 17 branches in Mumbai
  • 3 branches in Thane
  • 1 branch in Kalyan
  • 1 branch in Navi Mumbai

If you stay close by in above mentioned areas, We also provide a personal trainer at your doorstep. For details visit

For the rest of the locations we provide online classes only.

Yes, for all locations of India & Abroad, we have been conducting & training students worldwide via our Live & Interactive online classes (both group & one-to-one private classes are available)

We have been conducting online classes for the past 04 - 05 years and have many students who have gotten comfortable with the online classes. Looking at the pandemic situation, we highly recommend the online classes. You can go through the below mentioned links for further references of our online classes :-

For courses for kids from 3.5 years to 8 years, please visit :

For courses for students above 9 years & adults, please visit :

₹2000 per month (taxes included) - for branch and online group classes

₹7000 per month (taxes included) - for one on one classes.

Once you join, a class-teacher is appointed for your musical journey throughout the course, unless any emergency or admin issues arise.

  • Each of our live and interactive sessions is one-hour long
  • Our physical/offline classes are twice a week and
  • Online classes are once a week only

Kindly click on the link above and submit the information in detail. Our executive team will get in touch with you for further details.

Yes. You can still join and learn with us. It’s not compulsory to have a musical background to learn music. Most of the students who join our academy are beginners.

Certainly you can join too. Age is never a barrier to learning music. We would be more than happy to have you. Please connect with our executive and he/she will be able to guide you to choose a batch as per your requirements. Visit our website‘s contact section for executive’s contact details.

Patience and dedication are the keys. You can opt for a Light vocal course we call Bollywood Music only for 6 months and check yourself. We are certain that if you follow practice techniques shared by our trainers, your mind will eventually start reacting to the music you are listening to and this will certainly improve your Suur/scale catching abilities.

First you need to define what you mean by singer? Anyone who sings is a singer but a good singer is someone who can sing in suur (scale) and taal (rhythm).

Learning to sing is progressive. Classical music is the foundation. It turns no singer into a good singer and a good singer into the best singer. Whichever level you are beginning at, we assure you that our classes will certainly improve your singing skills.

Although learning is based on your dedication, given below is the break up of duration for standard time required to learn if students practice regularly.

  • Each semester level takes 6 months to complete
  • When you compete 3 semesters (18months) you complete Level 1
  • Above pattern follows for total 6 levels in Prayag Sangeet Samiti examination

Although learning is based on your dedication, given below is the break up of duration for standard time required to learn if students practice regularly.

  • Total we have 8 grades in the western pop-rock or classical music genre
  • It can take minimum 1 year to maximum 2 years for a student to prepare for each grade of the Trinity College London examination

  • Once you complete visharad (level 6) in Hindustani classical vocals or even Level 4 of Prayag sangeet samiti you can start appearing for our teachers training program under the guidance of Padma Wadkar Ji and Suresh Wadkar Ji. If you complete the training successfully, you will be appointed at Ajivasan as a Teacher.
  • When you complete Gandharva Mahavidyalaya training from our academy or Grade 6/8 training of Trinity college of london, you can apply at various schools, institutions as a trainer
  • Once you are confident in your singing and performing skills, you can also apply in reality shows to become a popular singer and get various opportunities as a playback singer as well as a performer.
  • Voice-over, radio jockey, club/band performer are additional opportunities that can be developed with the foundation of classical music.

We do provide Bollywood vocal courses at our academy where we focus on various Bollywood songs of different genres. We teach you the right techniques to sing a Bollywood song, working on breathing techniques, diction, pitch control that gives you a better understanding.

For more exposure we have involved studio sessions in our Bollywood course which helps you to understand how to sing in the recording studios.

Suresh ji does not visit the branches but we have involved 2 Riyaaz sessions with Suresh ji annually, Where all Ajivasan students get to sing with him. He is also present in all the annual events to see students perform.

On an average we have min. 5 to max. 12/15 students in the batch. Format of the class is such that parts which are learnt by students are sung together in groups and new parts taught are sung individually until the teacher approves it. Many of our students who have taken part in reality shows as well as achieved certain excellence in singing are taught in the similar way of group singing.

For more personal attention you can opt for private tuitions where there will be one to one session online or our teacher can come to your home and teach you personally.

We follow Patiala gharana.

A varied group of studies suggests that music enhances human health and performance - HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL

“Both meditation and music listening are potentially powerful tools for improving overall health and well-being,” - Kim Innes, West Virginia University’s School of Public Health.

An experiment by a primary school in England has revealed that music can also help in improving academic performance among pupils. A Bradford primary school incorporated music in all aspects of teaching, providing up to 6 hours of music every week to every child and witnessed remarkable results in the students' performance.

Yes it is compulsory for students to buy instruments for any instrument course. Only in the case of a keyboard, students can opt to learn on a mobile application to begin with but eventually they will also have to buy an instrument.

To buy an instrument, you may directly connect with your local instrument shop and buy an instrument based on the specifications shared by us.

To understand if your instrument is good enough to learn the desired course, you may refer to our instrument specification document or else you may share the specifications of your instrument with our helpdesk team and we will get back to you after discussing the same with our faculties.

Instruments should be occasionally cleaned. They should be kept away from moisture and excessive heat / cold. They should be used regularly and they should be kept in a cover when not being used.

One needs lots of patience and needs to practice what is learnt during the class with dedication. Learning any art form and gaining mastery is not easy. Our teachers and management is available every time you need any guidance while moving forward in this journey.

In case you get stuck while you are practicing, you may refer to the audio recordings shared by our teacher. You can further write to us on whatsapp / email and our team will try to help you out by taking the teacher on a conference call with you.

Yes, all the operations of our academy are application based. Our trainers share homework/practice techniques on these platforms after every session. That apart our trainers also follow up and continuously coordinate on all the queries of students on whatsapp chats.

Students have access to these homework and attendance records at any given time from the application.

Yes. Ajivasan holds 3 internal assessments (in a quarterly interval) subject to Students’ preparations and readiness for the same.

We hold one board examination annually i.e. external examination by Prayag Sangeet Samiti or Gandharva Mahavidyalaya for Indian Music and by Trinity College of London for Western music.

Yes, we do have a separate wing which caters to students / adults with special needs. To connect with us regarding same please visit :

Music Activities and Events are the heart of the music learning process. A student has a choice to participate in all the activities mentioned below. Some of the activities / events are free for participation and for some events, students will pay to be part of it.

  • Open Mic Event and Jamming Sessions (MEHFIL)
  • Karaoke singing for all (In offline classes only)
  • Open House Riyaaz and Q&A with Suresh Wadkar Ji (Twice in the year)
  • Annual Day performances In December / January.
  • 6 Monthly Studio Recording Sessions (After completion of semesters)
  • Retroites : Live performances of classic bollywood songs by our best students
  • Star Kids : Showcase of our best young talents.
  • Fest: Shortlisted students get to sing in front of dignitaries from the Bollywood Music Industry
  • Vasantotsav : Performances by legendary Indian classical music artists exclusively at the Ajivasan Hall.
  • Ajivasan Online : Shortlisted videos of our students are featured on our online platforms.
  • Regular updates & announcements about auditions for various TV reality shows & singing competitions